Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Country Potatoes.

Yay! My first meal in the blog! I decided to make a favourite of mine-- country potatoes! You simply have to love potatoes. There are so many things you can make. Anyway, I started with peeling 6 small potatoes, chopping them into cubes, & boiling them for five minutes. Boiling them first ensures they'll be tender & not nearly raw in the middle like in my previous attempts.While frying the darlings in three tablespoons extra virgin olive oil , I diced half a yellow onion which I threw into the pan after maybe five minutes of cooking. I added oregano, garlic powder, & vegetable salt & flipped around the potatoes until they became crispy, brown, & delicious.The whole thing took roughly a half hour. Pretty simple, but hey, I'm a beginner. You have to start somewhere! Suggestions wanted & appreciated.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well it seems I won't be preparing any gourmet dishes in a little while since we've run out of propane. We still have the microwave, though, thank God. It's not even the lack of a functioning stove that bugs me, it's the fact that I'm freezing.I'm wearing underclothes (given), jeans, pajama pants, two long sleeve shirts, a pull-over, two scarves, two hats, gloves, two pairs of socks, & bunny slippers.You'd think I wouldn't have a problem in Arizona, but the goosebumps continue. In addition to not having propane, we also don't have much for food. 'Tis a sad day in the Minard household. ):Looks like my options are toast &... toast. Or I can nuke something. Nothing worth posting, I'm afraid. Propane man comes up here Thursdays. I hope my dad remembers to order. (how can he forget?) Happy trails!

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Journey Begins!

Ah~ I love that new blog smell.

Hello & welcome! My name is Sally Minard. I'm 17 & I live in Northern Arizona, USA. Here's the first of many pictures to come.
One of my favourite hobbies is looking through food journals online. I love reading about other people's dining experiences & I especially enjoy viewing the photos they take. I've always wanted to create a blog with my own meal entries & now I have.

I'm currently living in a very rural area, so I won't be visiting many restaurants, but I love to cook. My only tools as of right now are a microwave & stove, but once I move into the new house in a few months, I'll have the whole upstairs to myself including a full kitchen with an oven! Yay! I'll also have a garden where I'll grow some of my ingredients. I'm extremely excited & I hope you are, too.

Warning: I like to experiment with (odd) food combinations. Who knows- maybe I'll make a name for myself.

Before I get started, I should mention that I'm NOT a picky eater. There are only a handful of foods I don't like & I've never in my life sent back food at a diner. My favourite beverage, fruit, vegetable, meat, desert, bread, cheese, & pizza toppings are: coffee, pineapple, potato, salami, pumpkin pie, croissant, pepper jack, & black olives with pineapple. Foods I don't like include but are not limited to: tomato soup, pears, clams, carrot cake, & ham, unless it's burnt. That's another thing you should be aware of. I would rather my food be black & have a consistency similar to that of a brick than have it be undercooked.

Now that you know a little about me, have fun reading my journal & don't be afraid to drop a comment with your opinions.
Thanks for taking the time & ENJOY!